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Everything you need to know about Hosting a website

The internet is virtual space in the real world. It is limitless in all its glory and has enabled the world to be a smaller and ultimately better place. The internet is as we know a collection of websites which all have different aspects and purposes. The best thing about the internet is that it is an open space for everyone, you can start a website the same way that the president of the united states can start a website. Create a blog in 5 easy steps!

To start a website all you need is a domain, a platform, and some server space. The domain as you know will be the identity of your website, the name by which everyone will know your website. There are many websites where you can get a domain and we have highlighted the best in an earlier blog post of ours. You can read that here.

What is Hosting?

Any website needs space, and this virtual space where your website will be hosted or in simpler terms be set up is given to you on a server. A server is basically the equivalent of the earth in the real world and your hosting space is equivalent to the land you own.

When a user keys in your website on your browser, the browser then sends a request to the server and the server responds to the request and then send across the particular page or website data that was requested back to the user. This is the easiest way to explain what is hosting to anyone.

The hosting capacity determines the amount of traffic or people that your website can handle. The amount of space provided tells you how much data your website can hold and so on. So it is actually extremely vital that your hosting plan is right on the money.

In addition to all this, many hosting companies will happily connect you with to a domain purchasing website in case you don’t have one already. So nothing to worry about!

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There are many hosting services in the market and you can see the latest and detailed comparison of them and choose the best offer that is suited for you here Web Hosting Comparison and Reviews in 2017. Personally, we recommend BlueHost and HostGator are the best in terms of support and service. You can check out our BlueHost Review and HostGator Review

It’s not enough if your hosting provider is good with his service because there is a very good chance that you will have errors or help when and after you set up your website, so service becomes a prime element in your decision of choosing a hosting provider.

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Make sure the platform that you’re choosing to build your website on is also the one that suits you as choosing something advanced (Linux, PHP) will require the knowledge of programming. Of course all hosting services these days will let you install easy to work on platforms like WordPress as well. Something like WordPress can help you build your website without you knowing anything about programming at all!If you aren’t familiar with WordPress you should check out Create your blog today in 5 easy steps!

So please understand that while your domain name is really important, your hosting provider is equally important so do your thorough analysis before choosing one.
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