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Top 3 Dating Apps For Men That Actually Work

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Dating isn’t easy. Especially in this fast-paced world where anyone barely has time to get through the day. So if you didn’t luck out in high school or college then it’s very likely that you’re single. It doesn’t have to stay that way though. Technology is changing the world as we know it and smartphones are at the forefront of it. Applications in the palm of your hand are not just making communication easier but are also on the verge making your personal life that tad bit easier as well. The biggest challenge when it comes to dating is to meet people with interests that you want to share. Dating apps bridge this gap, but not every app is good. Especially for guys, who find it more and more difficult because of how our society is structured. There is also the commitment issues as to what kind of relationship you are looking for. Are you looking for a hookup or something serious? Meeting someone with similar interest and knowing they are looking for something similar gets 50 percent of the work done and also saves you the tedious process of trial and error. Here are the apps you should be looking at to improve your love life.


tinderThe most popular dating app which has taken the world by storm. Be it a hookup or something more serious, Tinder helps you match with just the right person. Interests, age and a few pictures to exhibit the person is just about the perfect introduction one can make. For girls, it’s all about the pictures and for guys, it’s not just the pictures but also your Bio. Every girl likes a good laugh, so rather than brag about your manhood, try to show the funny side of yourself. It’s available on Android and IOS and even offers a web profile. Download it now

Ok Cupid

Ok Cupid

Ok Cupid doesn’t want you to use your Facebook or any social profile for you to use it. It asks you a few questions and based on that it matches you with people. Simple enough and mostly accurate. The UI of the app is also very easy for you to navigate around. The app is however known more for people looking to be for less serious stuff. Making your questions and answers public is extremely important as this is the best way to show off. Pictures will only get you a second look, it will help you get to her door!



The website which started it all. It was the pioneer in online dating so they know a thing or two about finding the right match. The upside to that is that you can operate it on a desktop as well and not just your smartphone. The downside is that to really make a mark on match.com you need to subscribe to their premium version which is a little pricey and that might seems pricey when there are so many free alternatives but it is definitely worth it.

We hope this post has helped you start off your dating life. All of this, however, can help when you’re willing to put in the effort so we wish you all the best!


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