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How to start a blog? Start today in 5 easy steps!

Blogging is the new age way of expressing yourself. Everyone has a voice and everyone deserves that voice to be heard ant blogging has done just that. You read about numerous success stories that people have established through their blogs but remember everyone started out right where you are right now. Reading a blog post on how to start a blog!

Firstly there are two ways you can go about starting a blog, one is the freeway and the other will require a little investment.

There are numerous free blogging and microblogging websites like WordPress, Google BlogSpot etc. which you can use right now with a few clicks of the mouse and start writing!
This is simple, easy to do and great for absolute beginners. However, it does, of course, have its own limitations.
You cannot have your own custom URL, there will be a suffix added to your blog name, limited customizability, very few themes to choose from and so on. If you’re just looking to test out your blogging skills, this won’t be too bad for you but if you plan on writing a full-fledged blog and hope to make money out of it, or look professional then you should take the other route. You’ll need the following things to make a professional blog.

A custom URL/Domain:

Everyone has a name, and while it may not always be unique, you are unique. The same way your blog should have a unique name and the name should at least be indicative of what the blog is about like “Stevesrecipes.com” or “Rahulsphonetips.in”.

There are many domain buying websites that you can use, the best and most popular one is Godaddy.
Search and buy domains from Namecheap


Next, you’ll need to host the domain that you have just bought. Hosting is one of the most important aspects of any website/blog. You’ll have visitors on your website anytime from anywhere and if you become popular from any number of places. Your hosting should be able to handle the traffic while also being really fast. Having tried out a number of hosting services we can tell for a fact that the two best hosting providers are Bluehost and Hostgator. Depending on the amount of traffic you are expecting you can choose your plan.

We recommend the baby plan on HostGator and Business plan on BlueHost.These have enough capacity for all beginners to intermediate users and also offer extremely good services.We’ve covered hosting in another post which you can check out by clicking here Everything you need to know about Hosting a website

Content management system

Your content management system in layman terms is the interface on which you shall be designing and adding things to your blog. WordPress is the most popular and free CMS available on the internet and has tons of customization options as well. You should install WordPress and once you do that you will have a default theme installed. Now it’s time to customize your website.

WordPress theme

Now that you have everything in place it’s time for the most fun part of the blog building, Customization! Check out our How to Install a WordPress Theme and Customize Your WordPress Blog – The Beginners Guide

You can make your website look however you want with the colors you want and features you want. Going through each aspect of this can be painfully tiresome. This is why themes exist with pre-built functionality and appearances. The best theme market for WordPress on the internet is Envato, here you can browse through millions of themes and they even give you free previews so you can understand what the look, feel and most importantly the experience of someone visiting your website will be.

There are free themes and paid themes, the best themes come with a price and they are totally worth it. You can learn more about the themes available by clicking here to read our full post on such themes.

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Writing the blog

You have everything in place and finally, you’re ready to do the thing you’ve always wanted to. Write! Writing and updating your first blog post will be exciting and enthralling. Never let go of your penmanship and write away as the world is eager and always looking to listen to new ideas and voices. The secret to a good blog is frequency and quality. Make sure you never let either dip and you can see yourself becoming a full-time blogger. Hope this post helped you! If you have any more doubts, feel free to comment and we shall help you and hopefully lead you into the right directions.