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Bluehost India Vs. Bluehost Com Review 2018– Which one should you choose?

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[sg_popup id=”11″ event=”onload”][/sg_popup]Bluehost India Vs. Bluehost.com Review 2018– Which one should you choose?

If you are Indian user, you might become confused about choosing one of these hosting options i.e. Bluehost India or Bluehost.com Wondering which one to buy for your website?

Visit Bluehost India || Visit Bluehost.com

Is Bluehost India as good as Bluehost.com?

What are the benefits of Bluehost.com  over Bluehost India?

I have been reading these types of queries across various forums. So, In this review, I will be sharing all the choices that you need to consider before making the hosting purchase. I will share all the comparisons that would help you to choose the right server location & henceforth will help in your website success.Selecting the wrong kind of hosting server location can be an expensive mistake.

Bluehost India and Bluehost.com both are different. Bluehost has a separate site and pricing which is optimized for customers from India. Since both hosting options provide you better services, making a choice can be difficult for Indian based users.

If you click this link for Bluehost.com  – you can get a free domain .com for free with hosting.


Bluehost launched Bluehost India their Indian Web hosting portal and now starts their Indian operations with an office located at Mumbai The Indian based Endurance International Group (EIG) owns Bluehost India. Bluehost India is a dedicated version of Bluehost for Indian users but with a different domain extension.

This enables you to choose between the Indian version and the global version.The first thing you have to consider when you choose Bluehost India instead of Bluehost.com is that you will receive hosting from ResellerClub.

Bluehost India offers India Based server hosting as well as US based server hosting for Shared Hosting and Reseller Hosting.

Bluehost india reviewNOTE: For VPS and Dedicated Server hosting only US based servers are available.


  • Round the clock support
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Unlimited Storage
  • Unlimited Domain Hosting
  • Free Domain Registration
  • Facility to Host Unlimited Sub Domains
  • Multiple Email Accounts
  • 9% Uptime
  • Availability of Global CDN
  • PHP 5.3x, 5.4x, Perl, Python, RoR, GD, cURL, CGI

Bluehost india reviewsNote: What I like the most about them is 30 days money back guarantee. By any chance, if you don’t want to host your site with them, you will get all your money back. You need to decide this within 30 days.

As Your server is located in India, you will have faster-loading speed which is an important factor in SEO.

Payment Options: Debit/credit card, Net banking.

You can use the exclusive coupon to save more on Bluehost India hosting.


| Visit Bluehost India

If your website audience is solely based in India and did not have a credit card to make payment in Dollars then this surely is good news for you because the Bluehost India gives you the choice to pay in Indian Rupees through Debit Cards and Netbanking.


Bluehost India is currently offering 28% on Everything,
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| Visit Bluehost.com

If your target audience is both from US and India, I would recommend you to Select US server. The global version of Bluehost uses standard international payment method of PayPal and Credit Cards.



Bluehost India and Bluehost US has well trained technical support staffs who will resolve your queries soon. Although, Bluehost.in response time isn’t as consistent and fast as Bluehost.com.

Bluehost India offers 24 x 7 live support through phone (+1(855)803-8158) and also through chat at https://helpchat.bluehost.com/ This means that Indian customers need not have to go to US call center to get support which they can now get locally.

Bluehost.com is also offering 24 x 7 live support through US telephone (824-661-4333), India ticket-based system and also through chat at http://desk.in.bluehost.com/. This means that Indian customers have to contact US call center to get support.


The dashboards of these two hosting options have an equal approach in the organization since they use the same developers. However, Bluehost.com comes out tops with its a lot of enticing interfaces. If you end up buying hosting from in.bluehost.com, you will be confused to see a  totally different dashboard than expected.

While both Bluehost.in and Bluehost.com come with 1-click WordPress installs – Bluehost.com comes with the easiest.

Here is a screenshot of Bluehost India and Bluehost US dashboard:

Bluehost India Dashboard:

bluehost cpanel

Bluehost.com Dashboard:


This is a category in which both options measure up to one another. They both offer their customer a guaranteed uptime of 99.9%. This is impressive in the world of web hosting. For a quicker website, you need to select the fastest web hosting company like bluehost.com. Most web hosting companies that can provide this much-guaranteed uptime have prices that are more expensive. Therefore, when it comes to uptime, you have no drawback if you opt for either of the hostings.


Bluehost.in runs at Rs.209/month for shared hosting plans.

Bluehost.com runs at $2.95/month for shared hosting plans.

Both Bluehost India and Bluehost.com provide a large number of products such as VPS hosting, Dedicated Hosting and more. Comparing Bluehost India and Bluehost.com on price is quite difficult. They both run frequent specials (see Bluehost India’s current deal here & Bluehost.com’s here), so their pricing is never going to exactly align in the short-term. For pricing – we’ll focus on the most common product that small businesses usually need – shared Linux hosting.

If you want cheap place to host only 1 small website – then you should consider Bluehost’s Basic plan

My Recommendation –Bluehost India & Bluehost.Com?

Based on the comparison and tests performed above, Bluehost.com beats BlueHost.in in performance.  you’ll be able to expect a rock solid performance from Bluehost.com.

Why you should choose Bluehost.Com?

Bluehost U.S.A offers free SSL certificate & PHP 7.0 which is not available in Bluehost India. For the new site, Bluehost.com will automatically install & configure SSL certificate. Easy to use and beginner friendly control panel. It’s so simple and useful.

Easy to use and beginner friendly control panel. It’s so simple and useful.

99.9% uptime guarantee. Your readers will never have any unhealthy experiences.

Bluehost.Com clearly beats BlueHost India in performance department which means your website will perform better on Bluehost.Com.
They have a hard working security team that your website safe from Hackers, Viruses, and Malware.
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